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Jet Set Sam began as a retail sales store in 1975, specializing in fresh whole salmon, smoked salmon and other B.C. specialty food products. In 1978, the retail store at the Vancouver International Airport and was operational until June 1996.

In 1975, Jet Set Sam was a pioneer in creating a package for travelers to take B.C. Salmon home in a convenient leak proof box as a carry on item on the aircraft. Jet Set Sam created a wax-lined, waterproof box to carry salmon, with Gel Ice that keeps the product frozen for at least 30 hours. Hence, our logo of the FLYING FISH, a salmon with a maple leaf on its tail, jet engines on its fins and a happy smile on its face.

Jet Set Sam over the last 30 years has provided its specialty smoked salmon to Royalty, senior government officials, the movie industry parties in Los Angeles, famous singers, businessmen and friends and relatives.

We take pride in our quality and freshness of our product. We ship our product worldwide (except where prohibited).

All of our smoked salmon is produced from wild salmon.

  • Highest Quality Smoked Salmon Products
  • Exceptional Service
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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